Welcome to Colquhouns

We are a small firm of Chartered Accountants with a mission to help our clients realise their dreams of prosperity and financial independence.


We started back in 1973;

  • Gough Whitlam was the Prime Minishter of Australia
  • The War in Vietnam Ended
  • The Sydney Opera House was officially opened


So much has changed since then but our mission is still the same; Excellence, Performance & Service!


We work together with our clients to make a real difference in their businesses and in their lives as well. If you are a client of our firm now - thank you - we appreciate your confidence in what we do for you. If not, contact us by phone, email or fax. We have the qualifications and experience to assist you with your reguirements.


Long ago we scrapped the business of charging for accounting services on the basis of the time spent doing them. Our fees are related to the value of the work we do for a client.


We enjoy what we do and we believe our clients appreciate what we do for them.